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Low Vision Aids

People who develop impaired vision that cannot be corrected by surgery, medicine, conventional eyeglasses or contact lenses are said to have low vision. And, low vision is more common that you might think - it's the third most commonly occurring physical impairment in those over 65, exceeded only by heart disease and arthritis! Dr. Ryan Yealy is a trained professional in providing Low Vision Care, which incorporates the use of certain viewing techniques and optical/non-optical devices to help maximize a patient's remaining vision (although it won't restore lost eyesight).

Low Vision Aids are special lens systems designed to magnify or illuminate images to improve visual acuity. These systems include magnifiers, telescopes, high-powered spectacles and electronic devices. At Yealy Eye Care of Lancaster, we carry a comprehensive selection of Low Vision Aids from leading manufacturers such as Eschenbach Optik, Enhanced Vision, Optelec, Freedom and more.

In addition, at Yealy Eye Care of Lancaster, we partner directly with the non-profit group, VisionCorps (, which has a team of Occupational Therapists who work directly with low vision patients. This includes teaching patients to use these Low Vision Aids in their own homes and at no cost to the patient!


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