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Pediatric Eye Care & Eye Exams

Eye care, child taking an eye exam in Lancaster, PA

Visit Our Friendly Kids’ Eye Doctor in Lancaster

Children are not simply little adults. They have a unique set of visual requirements – and they need specialized eye care for kids. Our kids’ optometrist will perform gentle and thorough eye exams in our Lancaster office, inspecting for a range of pediatric vision conditions.

Many common vision problems in children are not detected by routine vision screening done in school, which is why you need a qualified eye doctor to identify the signs! When left undiagnosed or untreated, these vision conditions can compromise your child’s ability to learn, socialize with confidence, and be coordinated on the sports field.

What is a Kids’ Eye Exam?

Boy Hat Sitting Garden 1280×853Don’t be fooled – just because your child isn’t complaining that he or she cannot see, it doesn’t mean all is fine. Many kids suffer from blurry vision or have difficulty focusing, and they never say a word; they just adapt to how they see.

Your child’s eye exam in our Lancaster eye care center will be quick and painless. We will evaluate refraction to diagnose any need for eyeglasses or contact lenses, as well as evaluate all function vision skills. Our kids’ eye doctor is an expert in detecting the symptoms of pediatric eye conditions, such as lazy eye (amblyopia), nearsightedness (myopia), misaligned eyes (strabismus), and trouble with focusing (accommodation).

To assess ocular health, inspect retinal tissues and view the optic nerve, our kids’ optometrist will use high-powered magnification and may apply dilating eye drops. We will use age-appropriate diagnostics and a friendly bedside manner throughout your child’s entire eye exam! Kids of all ages are welcome, from babies through teens.

Treatment for Pediatric Vision Problems

If your child is diagnosed with a refractive condition, eyeglasses or contact lenses will generally provide effective treatment. However, eyewear is not sufficient to correct all problems. With conditions such as lazy eye, we may prescribe patching the dominant eye in order to strengthen the weaker eye.

Learning and vision are closely linked, and sometimes an eye problem is to blame when kids fall behind in school. Once our kids’ eye doctor completes your child’s eye exam, we will advise you about the most appropriate treatment to help your child succeed in the classroom. If we detect a vision-related learning disorder, we will design a personalized treatment plan.

Warning Signs for Parents

In addition to scheduling regular eye exams, parents should be on the lookout for specific warning signs that eye care for kids is necessary. Many vision disorders present symptoms that require evaluation by an eye care professional. These signs include:

  • Squinting, or closing one eye to see
  • Wandering eye, or crossed eyes
  • Excessive blinking
  • Head tilting or turning
  • Inability to hold a steady gaze
  • Poor tracking skills
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Frequent eye rubbing

We specialize in eye care for kids! Our team of skilled optometrists invite you and your family to visit for a kids’ eye exam and total range of pediatric services.